Assumptions Part 1

Many times in the past when someone asked if I believe in god, I would say no. Now, while the statement remains true, It assumes that I understand which god they are referring to. This assumption can become a corner that is difficult to move out of. Why? Because, if I assume that I understand which god that is being referred to, then it is assumed that there must be a known and understood god for me to reject. Sound confusing? It can be.  I don’t have a belief in any god(s). Yet, when people ask you if I believe in a god, they have one in mind. I have learned to ask which god, or more respectfully, “Can you explain your idea of the god to which you are referring?”. There are many ways to ask, the point is, ask. But do so respectfully. So, why is important to ask which god they mean? If you don’t believe in any god(s), why should it matter which they are referencing? Wouldn’t this imply that you believe in some sort of god, and that that is why you want to know which one? Here’s the best answer I can give. By making them explain which god, you are opening the conversation to allow them to talk. You are now able to ask more probing questions. You can ask what it’s  characteristics are. You can ask what it looks like. You can ask all sorts of questions that they will find increasing difficulty to answer. Even if they say, “The god of the Bible.”, there is no reason to assume you know what that means. Because, I would bet you that if  probed enough, they don’t either. Its important to point out that this is not some debate “trick”.  Nor is this to be argumentative. It helps to demonstrate a point. If you don’t assume which god they mean, they are forced to explain. They are then also forced to realize that they may not understand well enough to explain. They may even state that no one can truly understand god. To which you can simply answer; “Then how could I be expected to believe in something no one understands?” This topic is multifaceted. There are many different approaches. As well as many different paths with how they may respond. we can discuss in the comments section.

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