Divine Intervention:

For most of my life, whenever things looked gloomy, like no hope was in sight, something would happen to make things right. When I wrecked my car, one of my friends decided to sell theirs at just the right moment and for exactly what I happen to have in the bank. When I got divorced, twice, circumstances happened that allowed me to gain custody of my children. Every single time I need money, I get a check in the mail, from various unsuspected places, at the last minute, in an amount very close to what I need. Usually just over what I need. It has worked like this for nearly fifty years. I always have what I need when I absolutely have to have it. Never in too excess of what I need, but just enough to get me through easily enough.

Were I a religious man, I would attribute these events to whatever source I subscribed to. It would be its way of affirming that my belief was in the correct deity. If Muslim, I’d thank Allah. If Christian, Jesus, If Jewish, yahweh, and so on and so forth. However, I am an atheist. I hold no belief in any god. So to what can I contribute these seemingly miraculous events? Good old fashion luck? Whatever that is. The point is that, despite the fact that I hold no allegiance to any god(s), I still benefit from the same events that the religious claim happens to them because of their beliefs. And since these religious use these events to affirm their beliefs, should I then use them to affirm my absence of belief?

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