How atheism Improved My Life: Testimony Continued

First a qualifying statement; atheism, in and of it self, didn’t do anything directly to improve my life. By removing dogma from my life, I was able to improve myself. I’ll explain.
During my search to find faith in god again. I had to do a massive amount of catch up. I had gone so long without questioning things, to any real degree, I had a huge knowledge gap to fill. I began to absorb massive amounts of data. My father is a young earth creationist, so I first attempted to support this view and disprove evolution. This would surely help me find god again. I learned more about the sciences in five years than the previous 12 I’d spent in school. I took every online class available. I read every resource I could find. This in turn improved my intelligence.
Next I began debating. I had debated for Christianity before leaving belief in god, but this time I wanted to debate against it. I had learned through my research that evolution was the most thoroughly proven theory ever, so I knew that the biblical account was proven false, no contest. However, I learned quickly that I lacked a solid grasp of logic and reason. So I spent the next few years learning about logical fallacies and applied logic. Again, improving myself.
This improved logical thinking helped in every facet of my life. I was now able to better discern true morality. I understood that we can approach every issue with rational logic and healthy skepticism. As a result, I became less judgmental and more compassionate. It was strange to me that I began to actually live by what Christianity had always claimed it would give me. I found peace in understanding that my life was finite. I understood that everything was more precious because it was unique, rare, and temporary. I became more in awe of the universe because of its improbability. I began to become a better person because I realized that I had nothing to apologize for, and no thing to apologize to. I understood that morality was a guide to how to act in a society. It has no supernatural origins. What I do only makes a difference because it has consequences that are immediate rather than eternal. I affect the world positively or negatively, I choose. Cause and affect mean that if I choose to affect the world negatively, I would most likely get negativity in return. Conversely, if I affected the world positively , I would most likely get positivity in return. This realization helped my empathy and altruism develop.
I am now a much more peaceful, kind, empathetic, altruistic person. I am finally the person I kept trying to be as a Christian. But I just couldn’t get there. I guess deep in my brain, I just knew it wasn’t correct. That whole worldview, that now seems so self centered, was false.
My family is now stronger and closer than ever. My son was able to come out to me, now that he knew I wouldn’t judge him and think he was evil for being gay. The rest of my children began to be more open with me. As a result they were able to benefit from rational logical advice. And now they too have developed much better than the religious me could have made them. We don’t have the “typically” family  issues. My wife and I communicate effectively. As a result we never fight. As a Christian I was very controlling and protective. Thinking it my godly duty to ensure my family’s adherence to the “word of god”.
Losing the dogma helped me be a better father and husband. I can’t think of a single thing that religion did for me. I can attribute all of my happiness to letting religion go.

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