Respect is something the world is in short supply of lately. Luckily it is a renewable resource. The sooner we are able to learn this the better. In today’s polarized world we have plenty of information to firmly root us in our stubborn positions. Therefore, like the wind in Aesop’s fable, we will not force someone to our perspective. Only by being warm and inviting, like the sun, can we have people choose to give our views consideration. This is true whether we are discussing religion, global warming, or the best way to cook a brisket. When all we are focused on is our point, we can safely assume that the other person will be focused on theirs.
I have mentioned in a couple of posts not to make assumptions, and to ask the other person to explain their position better. This actually serves two purposes. One is to get them to look closer at their position. The other is to teach us to really listen to theirs. We respond too quickly. We hear a few words, assume the rest of the position, and attack head on. A respectful approach works whether it’s mutual or not. Think about many martial arts movies. The young brazen martial artist is beaten by the peaceful master. Why? Because the peaceful master, in addition to knowing his own skill, is patient, and allows the younger inexperienced warrior to make mistakes, easily counters them, through skill and understanding, and allows the young warrior to learn from his mistakes. Similarly, when two masters come together, they show a mutual respect. There is a graceful back and forth. Neither boasting about his skill, but rather demonstrating their style. To take it further, in a few of the of the movies, the young hero is able to overcome the adversary by adapting the adversary’s  style into his own. It shows that he was truly paying attention. He may not think that the other style is superior. He has simply understood that it was not completely wrong, and that his style was not completely right. Only through respect can we achieve that type of growth. Only through respect can we show others the true strength of our style. If we a certain in our position, then we have no reason to be disrespectful. If you take nothing else away from my writings, take the importance of respect.

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    1. It could be perceived that way. However, rudeness typically stems from an inability to properly articulate ones position.That typically means they don’t understand it well enough.

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