About the site

This site is not about debate. It is simply a place for questions and answers, albeit my versions of the answers.

The term atheist has been demonized in the culture. It’s a largely misunderstood term. Many people are atheists and don’t admit it to themselves because of the negative connotation it has. Many people feel a repulsion when they hear the word. I would like to change that. Understanding is the best medicine.

I wish to create a space free from judgement and aggression. I feel that if we understand the issues better, we can better address them.
This site is more about what it means to be an atheist rather than how to convince others you’re correct in your position.

Why? Why do you atheist always preach? If you don’t believe in god, why don’t you leave everyone else alone?  This is an excellent question. For me, I understand that there is someone listening who is stuck in a religion that they don’t feel a part of. They are hurting because everyone around them appears to have a relationship with this god. However, no matter how hard this individual tries, they just can’t seem to develop this relationship that everyone else seems to have. This is causing depression, pain, and a loss of self worth. They simply cannot understand why their god doesn’t want them. Enter the atheist. We can explain why there is good reason to doubt a god to begin with. We can explain that a god has yet to be shown to exist, much less one that wants a personal relationship. Once the individual, who has been beating themselves up realizes this, they can begin to heal from the  psychosis of religion. I realize that term seems harsh. But that is how I view religion. It’s a cureable psychosis. And if I can help just one person, then it’s is worth every minute I spend of this website.

I have decided to add this comment: I am neither an expert or an authority on anything that I blog about. I know a little about a lot. I am known, in my circles, as the guy who knows a ton of useless information. I suppose I really wanted a space where people can choose to come and hear my thoughts on these particular things. Not everyone is interested in this. It will be more impactful for people who are.

Please participate as much as you want. However, remain respectful. I will unfortunately ban anyone who insults or belittles another user. I do not monitor or  sensor words. I simply look for blatant hate language.