The Goddess without a name

I’ve finally been converted. I am now a believer in the goddess without a name. She is the creator of all including herself. She is without real gender. Yet, calling a creator god mother seems more appropriate. She doesn’t care how she is referred to.
I discovered her while meditating. She was there, inside me. She is everywhere and everything. She has no books, no profits, no desire to be known. Her ego is beyond that. Or rather it is that she has no ego. I happened on her completely by accident.
I asked if I could speak with her, and she permitted it. No question restricted, no answer was withheld.
I asked her why she never let us know that she was there. She responded that she was everywhere and that we saw her in everything. I asked if she knew that some attribute those things to other gods. She said that that wasn’t her concern. The affairs of her creations are their own. I told her that yet others, like myself, attributed everything to natural causes. She said that that is accurate. She is the essence of natural processes. I told her that I wanted to tell others about her. She said that I was free to do so. I told her that I would need proof. She said proof is there and always has been. Others have found her and spoken to her, but they always turned her into something else. She cared nothing about that. I asked her what the plan was. She said greatness is being not being bound by plans. There is no plan. Everything just is until it isn’t. I asked about heaven and how to get there. She responded; “You are in it!” “This existence is all there is. Everything is until it is not.” The creations spend it however they will. I mentioned suffering. Ask why she would not end it. She said that she does not DO anything. She happens. From the moment of creation, everything just happens. Stars formed, Planets formed, life on them formed. She is simply the force that happens. She asked me why I didnt stop it. I said that I am just one. She asked why we don’t stop it together. I said I don’t know. She ask me why ask about it if we didn’t care enough to do something about it. Seems like a silly question. I could not answer.

I asked her her name. She said great things have no name, for whom would they answer to?

I asked her what I should do now. She said do what you will while you can. Time is short.

There were many more things revealed. Yet it was obvious that it didn’t matter. We are squandering the one existence that we have.

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