Thoughts on the supernatural?

:of or relating to an order of existence beyond the visible observable universe;

:of or relating to God or a god, demigod, spirit, or devil

:departing from what is usual or normal especially so as to appear to transcend the laws of nature

:attributed to an invisible agent (such as a ghost or spirit)*

We have a definition of the concept. However, we do not have a satisfactory explanation. The supernatural appears to be just that, a concept. A place we put things that are untenable. Perhaps better put, it is an assigned place, that’s not a place, where we put notions. When we read this definition again, we notice that it says {of or related to an order of existence…}. We are then stuck pondering what this implies. Existence is something that we still discuss. What does the word existence mean? Let’s go back to the definition of supernatural again {…beyond the visible observable universe.}. Are we saying that “natural” is the part of the observable universe? The strange thing here is that, in looking at the dictionary definition of natural, it does not mention it being a part of the observable universe. Perhaps that is simply understood. Are thoughts part of an obsevered universe? We can see the results of thoughts.
Are then thoughts supernatural?

Scientific America published an article last year, Aug. 24, 2016,
About neuroscientists observing thoughts form in the brain. It’s interesting, but does it really explain how to observe a thought? Thoughts are a collection of interpretations of inputs to the brain by the brain. Small individual incoherent thoughts are then collected to form a few coherent thoughts. Not all thoughts that the brain has, are brought into coherence. This could mean that thoughts are nothing more than sensory inputs that the brain categorizes and places together to form patterns that can then be interpreted further. The initial “sparks” of thought are what the neuroscientists observed. they then watched them come together in areas of the brain. Watching the patterns of thought, help us to observe thought itself, the best we are currently able.
Therefore, we might reasonably conclude that thoughts exists in the natural world.

Let’s discuss abstract thoughts. We understand that when looking at things observed, we can test our observation. When I speak aloud, I can test whether or not I am speaking. I can hear the echo off of surrounding environment. I can notice if someone responds to me. To simplify, I can know my voice. My mind can then create an abstract of my voice. I hear it even now as I write. It’s not real in the sense that it is sound caused by vibrations. My brain has simply taken information it has gathered in the observed and formed it into a thought pattern of its own. It is flawed, by the way, it’s not an exact replica. That’s why, when we hear a recording of our own voice, we don’t always recognize the recorded voice as our own.
What does this have to do with the supernatural? We understand that we can create abstract thoughts to represent things that exist. However, this ability has also allowed us to create abstract thoughts that don’t exist. When we see or experience something that we are unable to categorize, within the framework of what we collectively understand as reality, our minds must then find a category for this data to be interpreted and stored. This has spilled over into our collective knowledge. We have created “a category of existence beyond the visible observable universe.” We have, ourselves, created the supernatural.

As an added note: It is difficult to understand how thoughts form, and thereby reason. However, it is not impossible to study and show how such a process could have evolved as the brain evolved. This negates the argument that it is “impossible” to reason without a god. We require no magical explanation. There appears to be a more reasonable natural one.

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