Why do you Pray?

This question is open to any religion. Why do you pray?

4 thoughts on “Why do you Pray?

  1. I believe it is the means God gives me the set my mind off of my own strength the handle all situations and realize that the world revolves around god and not me. I believe God is all powerful and that prayers dont influence his decisions but they are how he influences his followers. The Lords prayer is an outline of how a Christian should think about prayer. It isn’t to make a wish but to affirm who god is and align our will with His. His will be done, give me daily needs, forgive me, help me forgive, lead me away from evil acts, protect me from evil, he has the power and glory.

  2. I feel that prayer = meditation. Prayer, no matter the belief system, is to get things off your chest, connect with the one you are speaking to whether it be deity or your inner spirit, conscience, or whatever. it allows you to focus your thoughts and feelings in a constructive way. It helps you understand your own mind and what you need/want in life. It’s also nice to think that an all powerful being is sitting there with you listening to you spill your heart or whatever too.

    1. So you feel that this is a benefit to you, psychologically? I don’t have an argument for or against this concept. It appears that you agree that a deity is not a nessasary component to this activity. We could substitute, say, an ancestor, and get the same effect. I can see the appeal. So long as people don’t insist that it’s actually true that they’re speaking to someone we must all speak to. I am all for most things people want to do that don’t affect others. Thank you for your comment!

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